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Online grocery shopping gathers pace in UAE



Online grocery shopping gathers pace in UAE

Residents with busy schedules take advantage of websites that will deliver everything you need right to your door

  • By Noorhan Barakat, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 17:00 January 4, 2014

  • Image Credit: Supplied
  • The online grocery shopping scene in the UAE is relatively new, with the earliest online groceries starting in 2006.

Dubai: For many like Sharuque Moideen, a 24-year-old Indian social media strategist who works and commutes for long hours, online grocery shopping is a welcome respite from the chores of daily life.

Moideen said that he tried online shopping for the first time in 2013 and since then has it has become an essential part of his routine.

“My working hours leave me [with very little time] to do my groceries. I work from 9pm-6pm and reach home at around 8pm, so what’s better [than having] your groceries delivered between 8-10pm?”

He said he found out that online grocery shopping was available in the UAE while browsing an expatriate forum. Moideen said he still prefers to shop at malls during the weekends, but due to his busy schedule during the week, he shops online to save time.

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He likes to keep watch for deals on merchandise, not just groceries online, and has only tried Geant Online for his groceries, he said.

“I have been to other websites as well, but was not satisfied with the product range they offer. Initially, I was worried about buying frozen stuff online, but when I received my first order, my assumptions were [proved] wrong. It was packed and delivered perfectly,” he said.

The online grocery shopping scene in the UAE is relatively new, with the earliest online groceries starting in 2006.

Cornelius Durm, managing partner at Early Bird, a family-run business in Al Quoz, said that they were the first online grocery shop in the UAE when they launched in August 2006.

At the beginning, Durm explained, they had just a few customers as online shopping was not common in the UAE back then.

“People initially did not trust that they [could] really get their goods delivered when they ordered over the web; building that trust was a major task in the first couple of years.”

Durm said that they have witnessed a significant growth in customers, with numbers accelerating over the last two years.

“On average, we do a total between 6,000 and 8,500 deliveries per month, of which 28 per cent are placed online, the rest come through traditional channels…we have above 10,000 active customers.”

However, he said, compared to developed e-commerce markets like the US or Europe, the UAE still has a lot of room for growth. Durm said that he expects their online sales to go up by 25 per cent in the next two years.

Sajid Azmi, head of e-commerce at Geant Online, which was launched in June 2013 said that “month on month there is a significant rise in grocery shoppers online and also [an] increase in average basket size from regular customers.”

Azmi said that online grocery shopping is a growing business that has the potential to outgrow supermarket sales with less investment and higher average baskets than a supermarket.

As for the type of goods that people mostly buy online, Azmi said that they “see complete grocery baskets focusing on customers’ monthly needs and recurring orders [for] weekly needs.

“For customers who are still not able to drive, mothers with small kids, working mothers, bachelors working late night and having long [commutes] this is a convenient way to shop, which takes away the time and effort to load and unload heavy groceries and also beats the long parking waits,” Azmi said.

Another overlooked benefit of online grocery shopping, Durm noted, is that it gives one better control of their budget.

“You can see at any time the value of your shopping cart and can easily remove or add products with a click. It saves time and money, as you can see all the promotions at one glance and benefit from better prices without searching for bargains in a supermarket.”

Omar Awwad, CEO of Trolley Trading (trolley.ae), which was launched in February 2011, explained that as the majority of their shoppers are expatriates, which was also the case with Geant online and Early bird, there is a marginal drop during school holiday seasons.

Durm from Early Bird explained that they have also noticed seasonal changes in the different product groups. “During the summer, the demand for water and soft drinks are higher, and in the winter months products like tea, coffee, chocolates, crisps sell better.”

He added that they have also noticed peak times for deliveries.

“We are very busy in the morning…and then it slows down a bit between 12pm-4pm and increases again up to 9pm.”

Durm explained that on Early Bird, one can pay online or on delivery.

“Our delivery men have credit card machines and always carry Dh3,000 in change, so there is always change for whatever amount you pay.”

Geant too, offers the same payment options

Most of the online grocery stores only deliver within Dubai, with a few that have other emirates on their delivery routes.



New portal offers help on nurseries in the UAE

The site aims to link all concerned parties and facilitate communication between them

  • By Dina Aboul Hosn, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 February 18, 2010

Dubai: Parents in the UAE have many options when it comes to selecting a good nursery for their toddlers, but a new e-gate for UAE nurseries has just made the selection process much easier.

The new website, www.uaenurseries.ae, was launched yesterday by Mariam Al Roumi, Minister of Social Affairs, to help parents find out all about nurseries and their locations and services.

“The e-gate is an educational tool and comprehensive, trusted and interactive channel of communication offering the latest information to the targeted audience under the supervision of the Child Department of the ministry,” Mouza Al Shoumi, Director of the Child Department, said in a speech.

“Opening this gate enhances the concept of partnership between all sectors of society in offering social services and identifying the needs of children.”

The site aims to link all concerned parties and facilitate communication between them, while offering guidance and introducing the latest in this field.

The Arabic and English website includes many sections, including a nursery guide, which allows users to find nurseries in any emirate or area, browse the available nurseries, read about their services and see pictures of what they have to offer.

There is also a services and products guide and an investor’s guide, which contains all the laws and regulations related to setting up a nursery.

The website’s discussion forum is where parents, teachers, consultants and owners of nurseries can discuss their needs.



UAE- Shapeyourcountry.com launched
Khaleej Times – 09/01/2010
(MENAFN – Khaleej Times) Noor Investment Group has announced the launch of an interactive online forum in a bid to create a new model for customer engagement and collaboration.

Noor Islamic Bank and Noor Takaful, subsidiaries of Noor Investment Group, have created a new social media online forum � shapeyourcountry.com � with the aim of connecting people living within the UAE cutting across nationalities, age and economic status, as well as Emiratis residing abroad.

“Social media represents a crucial and underutilised channel for engaging public communities and to initiate thought provoking dialogues amongst industry leaders,” Hussain Al Qemzi, Group chief executive officer, Noor Islamic Bank and Noor Investment Group, said.

The unveiling of this strategy on January 7 marks Noor Islamic Bank’s second anniversary and Noor Takaful’s successful completion of its first year. “To successfully adapt to international trends, we need to make use of crucial intelligence from many new sources beyond company and media supplied data. By stimulating social exchanges of information and opinions, we can tap into a highly relevant and contextual channel to provide valuable insights which can be channeled directly to improve services and ultimately increase client satisfaction.”

Shapeyourcountry.com will initially launch with a photography competition, inviting people to take pictures highlighting the UAE’s unique characteristics and to upload them to the website. A panel of judges will review the entries based on specific criteria and then choose the first, second and third prize winners. The winner will receive a prize worth Dh16,500, second place winner will be awarded a prize worth Dh7,550 and third place will receive a prize worth Dh5,250.

In addition to providing links to Noor Islamic Bank’s and Noor Takaful’s portfolio of offerings and services, the forum will, for the first time, give people the opportunity to share their views on living and working in the UAE through the interactive web site.

New portal offers virtual Metro tour


By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter
Published: September 17, 2009, 22:45

Dubai: Commuters can now learn how to use the Dubai Metro by embarking on a virtual Metro tour on the new transport portal launched on Thursday.

The portal aims to educate the public about the integrated public transport system in the emirate.

“The idea behind launching this integrated web portal is to educate and inform people about the Metro in fun way. It is just like playing an online game,” said Abdullah Al Madani, chief executive officer of corporate technical support services at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

He said that visitors to the website, www.rta.ae/virtualtransport, could virtually explore the stations and get to know the various steps they need to take from the point of entering a Metro station to boarding the train.

“You can learn about facilities at the station, point of entry, ticket vending machines, how to buy tickets, how to tag them on the entry gate, how to get information about the trains and how to board the train,” he said.

The website also offers a virtual run time of the Metro and available integrated modes of transport which include buses and water transport. It even tells the distance between the stations and the time required to complete the journey.

The RTA spent Dh600,000 and the website was completed in five months with the help of a local company.

“It is a first ‘theme website’ and the objective is to interact and provide the best possible information to the Metro users,” said Ahmad Behroozian, chief executive officer of the RTA’s Licensing Agency and head of the e-Services Committee. He said that the website was different from the official site for the provision of e-Services.

“It is a new strategic initiative intended to boost RTA’s efforts to apply modern technology to educate people about the integration of public transport system,” Al Madani said.

RTA’s Haseb (Safety) campaign – interactive website launched

From the Gulf News article

Dubai: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has enhanced the scope of its major safety campaign “Haseb”, which means take care, by uploading it on its web portal.

“The interactive website contains information aiming to educate public in general and the motorists in particular on the importance of complying with roads and traffic regulations,” said Paymen Younes Parham, director of the RTA’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Department.