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Last Updated : Thursday 24 May, 2007

If you live in Dubai, chances are you’ve accustomed to the almost nano-second pace of life – constantly on the run to see, do, taste and experience it all in the span of twenty-four measly hours. We seem to be redefining the parameters of the ‘fast lane’, with a steady stream of chock-a-block workdays, double-booked evenings and jam-packed weekends, squeezing every last drop out of the city. And that’s just Dubai. Rest of the story here:  http://www.7days.ae/showstory.php?id=51160

Xpress4Me.com – UAE Online Tabloid

Developed by the Al Nisr Group, publisher of the successful and respected Gulf News, XPRESS is Dubai’s newest and truest tabloid newspaper. A “people paper” with strong emphasis on human interest stories, it addresses the issues of modern life in Dubai as well as keeping readers up-to-date with the most interesting world news. Divided into three sections – News, Life and Sport – XPRESS has a distinct focus on the local. That means more local news, more local life and more local sport. This also means including anything of interest to the local reader from around the world.

UAELabourLaw.net- Dedicated website to solicit public opinion on revised labour law

Dedicated website to solicit public opinion on revised labour law
posted on 06/02/2007

The UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) yesterday announced a unique initiative to gather public feedback on a revised UAE Labour Law through a website specifically created for the purpose.

du, the new telecommunications operator in the UAE, is partnering with MOL to develop the interactive portal. At a joint press conference held yesterday, the Ministry of Labour and du announced the co branded interactive website on the revised labour law will be active for two months starting February6th, inviting valuable feedback from UAE residents. Initially the website will be in Arabic, followed shortly by an English version.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ali Al Ka’abi, Minister of Labour said: ‘The labour law is one of the most important mechanisms impacting the market. It is based on transparency and our partnerships with labourers, business people and the society at large. This initiative is an important step in translating our vision of continuing development and providing access to government services using the latest communications technology.

The Ministry of Labour invites all UAE residents to visit the portal and post their comments. The website will be active until April 6th, 2007, following which the Ministry will analyse the feedback and review the UAE Labour Law on the basis of public opinion, before it is passed. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)


New web link helps commuters plan journey

New web link helps commuters plan journey
posted on 13/04/2006

Bus commuters in Dubai can now plan their journey virtually with the click of a mouse, thanks to a new portal launched by the Road Transport Authority (RTA).
The bilingual website, www.rta.ae, has a link called “journey planner” which gives information such as what bus to take from the BurJuman centre to Dubai Country Club, its frequency and the fare.

Nearly 230,000 commuters take the bus daily and presently there are more than 60 bus routes covering Dubai. Later this year residents will be able to go online to pay traffic fines or obtain various Dubai Municipality services, said an RTA official. (Gulf News)

Website offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai

Website offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai
posted on 04/01/2007

The map (http://www.dubai-online.com/maps/) has been developed using the Google Maps application and allows visitors to view detailed satellite images of hotels, shopping malls, attractions, real estate projects and more.

The map is fully interactive and links to other areas of the site, including hotel reviews and user-submitted videos. Owner David Mottershead says, ‘We think our readers will find this new feature extremely useful. Readers can now get a bird’s eye view of their hotel or take a look at the layout of one of the city’s golf courses. The maps are extremely detailed. You can even zoom in and see the helicopter pad at the Burj Al Arab.’

Dubai Online offers free listings and advertising to tourist attractions, hotels, activity providers, events and any businesses that would interest visitors. A section of the site also deals with employment in the region. Expatriate organizations and recruitment consultants are also offered free space on the site. (AMEInfo.com)


[UAE WEB OF LIFE-Issue 7] Interviews – EmiratesMac & Writers Block

The Internet Magazine on what’s happening in the local UAE Web community.




2. CUB (Cool UAE Blog) Awards

3. BUG (Best UAe-Group) Awards

3. INTERVIEW – a) Emirates Mac b) Writers Block

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1) Mum’s web site goes global

“….The new Jumeirah is Mirdif. Now, from the aviation fuel-scented exurb comes DuFam (www.dufam.com) – the expansion of the Mirdif Mums to all Dubai…”

Full story

2) UAE’s junior expats get new web site

“…But the squad behind www.expatbrats.com includes Nikki’s two brothers and her mother, Audrey. As the site progresses, they are also aiming to build a network of young writers across the UAE.

Full Story

3) Excellent response to online services of Dubai Police

“….The number of visitors to Dubai Police website (www.dubaipolice.gov.ae) stood at 2475, 187 over the last three years, he said and attributed the remarkable response to the easy access to the site to get the services and information that concern large segments of the society…..”

Read full article.

4) Apply online for jobs at Abu Dhabi Police

ABU DHABI — Job-seekers at
the Abu Dhabi Police can now log onto the Internet or call a tollfree
number to get first hand information about the administrative
procedures without the need to go personally to the Directorate General
of Human Resources. (www.adpolice-hr.com) tollfree phone number (8008999) during work hours.

Read full article.

5) Cost effective and eco-friendly fuel will be available from next month

ABU DHABI — From October 8, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (Adnoc Distribution)
will introduce another cost-effective and environment-friendly fuel, which will save Dh1 and 50 fils per gallon on super and special brands. A special website has been launched containing relevant information about the new product explaining its features and functions www.adnoc-dist.ae. In coordination with car dealers in the country, a
list of vehicles which can use E-plus is available on the website.

Read full article.

6) Suggestions to improve local transport will fetch rewards

“RTA will welcome suggestions through the website (www.rta.ae) by email and through a prescribed template which can be filled and handed over personally at the RTA office. Other alternatives to register suggestions include calling the authority or its call centre on 8009090.”

Read full article.

7) Want to use Skype in Dubai? Just say HeyU

Customers can go to a UK-based website, Mathaba.net, and get an email address for HeyU, which
bills itself as an “Asian group.” HeyU appears to have no website of its own.

Read full article.

8) Weyak brings web portal to mobiles


Read full article.

9) UAE Video Site
A commercial Internet site in Dubai with video stories as part of a video class bridging the gap between classroom theories and actual experience with the local media. The video stories, which the students produce for the Eye of Dubai website, are about one minute in length and focus on life and lifestyles in and around Dubai.


(Source: DubaiForums.com)


Winners this issue:

Recognition of their  Constant Creative Cyber Communion

1) Dani – a filipino teenager in Dubai whose expression and blogging is the envy of many a senior
2) Designer Woke – Advertising professional in Dubai – well written blog entries on Dubai etc.
3) Dot1ne – Web Technophile and Podcaster Saleh
4) Farrukh – Advertising Copywriter, Journalist
4) Prometheus – spontaneous and witty…has won him many fans.

IV. BUG – BEST UAEe-Group Awards

Recognition of useful online community service

1) Emirates Mac – http://www.EmiratesMac.com

2) Writer’s Block – http://WritersBlockUae.blogspot.com
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Writers Block UAE – A Refreshing & Warm Writers forum




1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your educational and work background?

GMJ:I’m a local girl with an attitude that loves pmsing and telling people what to do. I’m educated and still pursuing further education. I’m an octopus that loves working and doing a million things at the same time. I function best under pressure. I hate finding hair in my food. I like trying everything at least once just for the sake of saying “yeaaaaah been there done that” Or “maaal awaaaaaaal”

Vayaconsatan: I’m exactly the opposite of GMJ, except in being local. I’m half a journalist and an aspiring film-maker. I’m a picky perfectionist and a heartless critic.

2) What inspired you to start Writers Block?

A bad experience with a condescending author at a writing workshop. Our blog has a friendly supportive atmosphere where we don’t pretend we have license to put down other writers. We share what we know and learn from each other.

3) How has the response to the forum been so far?

We get a lot of supporting emails and positive feedback. That inspires us to keep going.

4) What are your future plans for the forum?

We want to expand the blog and make it more interactive. We’d like more people to contribute to the website. We also have similar projects to the “Book Give Away” that will hopefully bring together and stimulate writers.

5) Any interesting tid-bits and happenings you can share from the forum?

Nothing worth mentioning.

6) What are your other interests and hobbies?


I play sports (hockey and horseriding).

Read just about anything, eat just about anything

I love reading Archies while I’m on the toilet.


I love reading anything I can get my hands on

I’m an in the closet actress and a food connoisseur

7) What are your favourite books, music, movies, celebrities and inspiring personalities?


Favourite Book: *sigh* that’s an insult.

Favourite Music: depends on my mood..

Movies : Not a huge movie fan, don’t even have time to sit and watch TV

Celebrities: waste of time to even learn their names.

Inspiring Personalities: I’m my own inspiring personality


Favourite Book: Last book I read is always my favorite book, so none get the crown.

Favourite Music: Loud music

Movies: I cant decide on a favorite movie.

Celebrities: none

Inspiring Personalities: My mother

8) What is your motto or philosophy of life that you would like to share with our readers?

We chose quotes for each other 😉


GMJ on Vayaconsatan: “I forgot. Then I fell asleep.”

Vayaconsatan on GMJ: “I get what I want” < and she does!

EmiratesMac.com – UAE’s only forum for Apple Mac enthusiasts


1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your educational and work background?

We are a handful of Apple enthusiasts, living in the UAE. We are a mix
of nationals and expats, who share a common passion for Apple, Macs,
and iPods. We work in different fields including marketing, education,
and IT, and we are all college-educated.

2) What inspired you to start EmiratesMac.com ?

We have been very frustrated with the information available about
Apple products, service, support, prices, etc. For people already
living here or for those moving here, it’s hard if not impossible to
find information online. And if you start calling companies who
supposedly sell these products, it’s not much better. We wanted to
build a place online where anyone interested in Apple, Mac, and iPod
in the UAE can find information and meet like-minded users.

3) How has the response to the website been so far?

The site was first launched in October 2005 and we moved to our domain
(www.emiratesmac.com) early 2006. Since then we have also switched
publishing system so that we can offer more features to our visitors.
The response has been very positive and we see growth of about one new
user per day. In April we had around 100000 hits, which we obviously
are very happy with for being up and running for such a short time.

4) What are your future plans for the website?

Oh, there are so many. We are trying to form partnerships with local
companies that sell these products to organize events where products
are introduced, visitors are educated, etc. We will continue to
publish about news and how Apple, Mac, and iPod has been covered in
the news, because that’s what got us started. We recently introduced a
feature on the site we call Pricewatch, which attempts to keep track
of prices on a range of products and where you can buy them. This
service depends on visitors emailing us the prices and products they
find and we’re going to try to expand this and to some extent automate
it so we can go from a user finding a price to having it published in
a shorter period of time. We also have some other services in the
pipeline for involving users more in the activities on the site.

5) Any interesting tid-bits and happenings you can share from the site?

We have learned a lot in a short period of time about how to put
together, publish, and run web sites. Probably the most interesting
tid-bit is that even thought Apple IMC Middle East is the official
Apple-presence in the UAE, we come up higher in Google for pretty much
any relevant search you can do. That feels pretty good.

6) What are your other interests and hobbies?

Since it’s a group of us running the site there are obviously a range
of interests, but mainly we spend too much time in front of computers.
We do enjoy outdoor activities when the weather permits, such as
camping, and generally spending time with family and friends.

7) What are your favourite books, music, movies, celebrities and
inspiring personalities?


Favourite Book : “Cult of Mac” by Leander Kahney


Favourite Music : Anything we could buy at Apple’s iTunes Music
Store if we could actually buy from there in the UAE.


Movies : “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, about the start of Apple and
Microsoft and the early days of personal computers.


Celebrities: Steve Jobs (co-founder and CEO of Apple).

Inspiring Personalities : Well, we’d have to go with Steve Jobs again.

8) What is your motto or philosophy of life that you would like to
share with our readers?


My favourite quote by which i live my life: “The journey is the
reward”, title of a book about Steve Jobs.

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