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New portal offers virtual Metro tour

By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter
Published: September 17, 2009, 22:45

Dubai: Commuters can now learn how to use the Dubai Metro by embarking on a virtual Metro tour on the new transport portal launched on Thursday.

The portal aims to educate the public about the integrated public transport system in the emirate.

“The idea behind launching this integrated web portal is to educate and inform people about the Metro in fun way. It is just like playing an online game,” said Abdullah Al Madani, chief executive officer of corporate technical support services at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

He said that visitors to the website,, could virtually explore the stations and get to know the various steps they need to take from the point of entering a Metro station to boarding the train.

“You can learn about facilities at the station, point of entry, ticket vending machines, how to buy tickets, how to tag them on the entry gate, how to get information about the trains and how to board the train,” he said.

The website also offers a virtual run time of the Metro and available integrated modes of transport which include buses and water transport. It even tells the distance between the stations and the time required to complete the journey.

The RTA spent Dh600,000 and the website was completed in five months with the help of a local company.

“It is a first ‘theme website’ and the objective is to interact and provide the best possible information to the Metro users,” said Ahmad Behroozian, chief executive officer of the RTA’s Licensing Agency and head of the e-Services Committee. He said that the website was different from the official site for the provision of e-Services.

“It is a new strategic initiative intended to boost RTA’s efforts to apply modern technology to educate people about the integration of public transport system,” Al Madani said.

RTA’s Haseb (Safety) campaign – interactive website launched

From the Gulf News article

Dubai: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has enhanced the scope of its major safety campaign “Haseb”, which means take care, by uploading it on its web portal.

“The interactive website contains information aiming to educate public in general and the motorists in particular on the importance of complying with roads and traffic regulations,” said Paymen Younes Parham, director of the RTA’s Marketing and Corporate Communication Department.

Abu Dhabi residents can pay traffic fines through the Abu Dhabi police website

From the Gulf News article

The Abu Dhabi Police’s website provides electronic enquiry and traffic fines payment system for motorists across all the emirates, helping residents to save time and effort.
Visit the bilingual website and click the electronic services tab to enquire about the fines. The enquiry may be made using the Federal Traffic Code (Traffic ID) or with the plate number of the vehicle or through the driver’s licence number. – Website for UAE’s French community

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A new website catering to Dubai’s French community is proving to be a real hit.

Dubai Madame, which was launched last September, is already attracting an average of 80,000 page views a month.

The online magazine gives the emirate’s approximately 10,000 French expatriates easy access to a wide range of useful information, including upcoming events and essential contact numbers.

A new section focusing on the lives of Dubai’s French-speaking residents was launched in January. It also aims to highlight the achievements of French people across the world.

Dia Diwan: Let there be light

Last Updated : Thursday 24 May, 2007

If you live in Dubai, chances are you’ve accustomed to the almost nano-second pace of life – constantly on the run to see, do, taste and experience it all in the span of twenty-four measly hours. We seem to be redefining the parameters of the ‘fast lane’, with a steady stream of chock-a-block workdays, double-booked evenings and jam-packed weekends, squeezing every last drop out of the city. And that’s just Dubai. Rest of the story here: – UAE Online Tabloid

Developed by the Al Nisr Group, publisher of the successful and respected Gulf News, XPRESS is Dubai’s newest and truest tabloid newspaper. A “people paper” with strong emphasis on human interest stories, it addresses the issues of modern life in Dubai as well as keeping readers up-to-date with the most interesting world news. Divided into three sections – News, Life and Sport – XPRESS has a distinct focus on the local. That means more local news, more local life and more local sport. This also means including anything of interest to the local reader from around the world. Dedicated website to solicit public opinion on revised labour law

Dedicated website to solicit public opinion on revised labour law
posted on 06/02/2007

The UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) yesterday announced a unique initiative to gather public feedback on a revised UAE Labour Law through a website specifically created for the purpose.

du, the new telecommunications operator in the UAE, is partnering with MOL to develop the interactive portal. At a joint press conference held yesterday, the Ministry of Labour and du announced the co branded interactive website on the revised labour law will be active for two months starting February6th, inviting valuable feedback from UAE residents. Initially the website will be in Arabic, followed shortly by an English version.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ali Al Ka’abi, Minister of Labour said: ‘The labour law is one of the most important mechanisms impacting the market. It is based on transparency and our partnerships with labourers, business people and the society at large. This initiative is an important step in translating our vision of continuing development and providing access to government services using the latest communications technology.

The Ministry of Labour invites all UAE residents to visit the portal and post their comments. The website will be active until April 6th, 2007, following which the Ministry will analyse the feedback and review the UAE Labour Law on the basis of public opinion, before it is passed. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)

New web link helps commuters plan journey

New web link helps commuters plan journey
posted on 13/04/2006

Bus commuters in Dubai can now plan their journey virtually with the click of a mouse, thanks to a new portal launched by the Road Transport Authority (RTA).
The bilingual website,, has a link called “journey planner” which gives information such as what bus to take from the BurJuman centre to Dubai Country Club, its frequency and the fare.

Nearly 230,000 commuters take the bus daily and presently there are more than 60 bus routes covering Dubai. Later this year residents will be able to go online to pay traffic fines or obtain various Dubai Municipality services, said an RTA official. (Gulf News)